Most of the people we know who are into cycling have also invested in electric bicycles. Perhaps we convinced them about the benefits of sustainable rides. With many brands regularly refreshing their lineups, the options are near endless. For those who own the FLB and FLS series from Phatfour, the Sidecar lets you share the fun.

Relying on pedal power alone with the added weight of another person and a sidecar is murder on your legs. Unless you are training for strength and endurance before a big race, attaching one to your bicycle is an odd choice. Anyway, the Dutch manufacturer produces capable e-bikes, so just let the electric motors handle the task.

On the other hand, you likewise need to pedal every now and then, but it’s not really a dealbreaker. The Phatfour Sidecar is not only for passengers but also for your cargo. According to the product page, you get about 150 liters of storage space for your stuff.

There’s also a wooden bench seat if your buddy wishes to join you. Just note that the Sidecar can probably just accommodate a kid, a small to medium size pet, and your groceries. Technically, it can fit an adult but they have to be really slim for a comfortable experience.

It attaches to your FLS or FLB e-bike through proprietary a connecting arm. The frame is powder-coated steel in black and sits des on a 20-inch wheel with a Kenda fat tire. The Sidecar can be yours for $1,035. Order it directly from Phatfour and enjoy the versatility it gives your ride.

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Images courtesy of Phatfour