For the superyacht owners out there and extreme sports aficionados, what are your favorite water toys? We have the usual PWCs, tenders, submersibles, paddleboards, inflatables, and a whole lot more. If you’re after an exhilarating experience on something akin to a surfboard, check out the Flite x Marc Newson eFoil. With years of experience behind them, the manufacturer promises premium design and top-notch performance.

Foiling motorboats and in some cases, yachts, offer the best stability at high speeds even over choppy waters. What makes this possible are the hydrofoils which allow the hulls to lift out of the water. This equates to lesser drag and improves the overall cruising speed of the vessel. The same principle applies to Flite’s latest platform albeit at a smaller form factor.

Their Marc Newson collaboration delivers their “lightest ever performance eFoil” which tips the scales at only 43 lbs. As stated by the product description, “we created a flowing form, connecting the mast, fuselage and tail as one single monobloc. Eliminating joints, bolts and seams results in a stiffer and more streamlined eFoil for less hydrodynamic drag and a more responsive ride.”

The construction uses Japanese high modulus pre-preg (HMPP) carbon fiber. This version of the versatile composite provides excellent torsional stiffness, durability, and weight savings. There are three variants to choose from: MN86, MN60, and MN60 Wave. Depending on your proficiency, these cater to novices and all the way to professionals.

Depending on which configuration you pick, the sizes and wing designs vary. Hence, each unit will handle differently. Marc Newson imparts an organic texture called Voronoi which is found in nature. The patterns form on marine animals and their environment, but its application here enhances grip.

Its removable battery is accessible via a special release handle. You can control your Marc Newson eFoil via the Flite Controller with a built-in circular display. Its handle feels comfortable to hold and the floating wrist strap keeps it above water in case of a wipeout. The TPU housing is weatherproof to withstand exposure to the elements. Grab this stealthy SKU now before all units sell out.

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Images courtesy of Flite/Marc Newson