It’s officially the first week of 2024 and most of you might have established a personal goal for this year. With targets in place, we believe it can spur people in the right direction to complete their objectives. The rest of us who want to shed some pounds and minimize our environmental impact at the same time can check out the BQi-C3 Pro.

We’ve been promoting alternative means of travel within the city and there are plenty of options available right now. Contemporary battery-electric technology is notably more efficient than before, which means you get better mileage from motorized mobility platforms.

Still, to sneak in a moderate or intense workout in between is the ideal approach. Since the cycling craze is not about to die down anytime soon, an e-bike lets us join in on the fun. It’s clear NIU intends to market the BQi-C3 Pro as an urban model courtesy of its step-through frame.

Crafted out of aluminum, its durable yet lightweight properties make it a great choice for beginner cyclists. Contrasting the various finishes of its chassis are the twin batteries in red that give this model remarkable range. This twin configuration equates to a total capacity of 920 Wh for up to 90 miles on a single charge.

Outfitted with a 500W hub motor, NIU says it can be pushed up to 750W. The BQi-C3 Pro’s electric system can muster up to 33.19 lb-ft of torque. A Gates carbon belt drive ensures virtually maintenance-free operation, while the KEVLAR and ARAMID fiber lining of its tires protect them from punctures.

For added versatility, there are three ride modes so riders can switch between them accordingly. Pedal is the standard setting, but you can also activate Pedal-Assist to tackle inclines with ease. An integrated cadence sensor provides a smooth experience. Finally, Throttle allows the BQi-C3 Pro to run exclusively on its batteries.

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Images courtesy of NIU