French high-performance automaker Bugatti has teamed up with Germany’s luxury bike manufacturer PG to create a machine that encompasses Bugatti’s reputation-making automobile designs optimized for a high-speed bike. The PG x Bugatti Bicycle ($39,000) has a simple angular design streamlined as the auto it is inspired by.

The frame of this super lightweight 2-wheeler is comprised of 95% carbon fiber. Italian Carbon experts Merelli handcrafted much of the bike including the frame and fork, seat, handlebars, and the crank. The strong, streamlined ride is easy as the sleek ride weighs in at only 11 pounds (5 kg).

As with all good things of this nature, the PG Bugatti Bike is being limited to a mere 667 units. But one of the neatest things about it for Bugatti owners is that they can get their bike hand-customized to match the color and style of their four-wheeled ride at the showroom in Weinstadt. Bugatti’s two-wheeled Mini-Me is a bit price heavy but then excellence usually is.