If Peugeot was not on your radar, it might be after the latest announcements regarding revamps for the 2008 range. The French manufacturer is catering to buyers who prefer to stick with internal combustion engines for now and those who want to make the sustainable shift. Here are the changes and upgrades awaiting potential owners this 2023.

It appears there won’t be a long wait for the refreshed lineup as Peugeot plans to ship out units by September. Meanwhile, orders will start around summer which is just around the corner. All variants welcome modest styling tweaks which endow the compact SUV with a slightly more menacing front end.

According to sources who got up close and personal with the new 2008, its lights and black bumper inserts were inspired by the 508. Also, the vehicles now tout the new badge. There are two versions for the gas-guzzling configurations, clients can pick between a duo of 1.2-liter Puretech turbo mills, with outputs rated at 98 bhp and 127 bhp.

Transmission options include a six-speed manual for motoring purists and a more convenient eight-speed automatic gearbox. Those hoping for a hybrid setup must wait a bit longer as Peugeot intends to launch this in 2024. The Puretech power powerplant and the electric motor combo will supposedly generate about 136 bhp.

As for its eco-friendly e-2008, the emission-free powertrain is more powerful and has a larger battery capacity listed at 54 kWh. This allows the electric SUV to churn out approximately 153 horsepower. Furthermore, mileage improves to 252 miles from the 214 miles of its predecessor. Peugeot will offer the entire 2024 2008 fleet in Active, Allure, and GT trim packages.

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Images courtesy of Peugeot