How do you have your whiskey? Although each of us has our favorite way to imbibe in this wonderful spirit, experts came up with some parameters to get the ideal experience. Most of us would love to just chug it down straight from the bottle, but it’s much better to draw it out and savour every sip. Peugeot presents its Whisky Tasting Set from its Les Impitoyables collection to help us achieve that.

Whiskey making may no longer be a secret, but the process is meticulous, nonetheless. The world’s top distilleries control every phase of the process to deliver their signature blends. As such, it would be a shame if we couldn’t indulge in the drink the way they want us to. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Depending on the drinker, they either enjoy whiskey neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. Unlike wine, which is usually served at room temperature (depending on the type), whiskey is best enjoyed when it’s anywhere between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Since refrigeration is out of the question and ice will dilute it, you’ll love what the Whisky Tasting Set from Peugeot has to offer.

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The Stylish Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set

To put it simply, these are premium vessels that help whiskey drinkers ignite their senses. Peugeot already has a fantastic lineup for discerning enthusiasts who want the appropriate glassware for various types of alcohol. As the name says, this particualr entry from their Les Impitoyables catalogue is crafted for whiskey.

At first glance, the unique silhouette of the Whisky Tasting Set already grabs your attention. Instead of the classic lowball glass or the ubiquitous Glencairn glass, it presents a distinctive appearance. For starters, the basic tulip shape of the crystal may resemble that of a laboratory flask but does not taper aggressively.

Meanwhile, the lower section is wider and is much thinner than your average serving vessel for the amber liquid. Another eye-catching element is the raised central dome at the bottom. This ships with a fancy metal base and a black leather coaster with white stitching on the edges.

All items are adorned with the lion emblem and branding script. Take note that the glass will stand upright on its own. It may not be immediately noticeable but there is a circular ridge down there to prevent it from tipping over. As you can see, the overall presentation appears avant-garde yet functional.

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Using the Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set

Now that we’ve covered the basics from a visual perspective, it’s time to learn about what makes Peugeot’s take on the whiskey glass stand out. First up, is to put the metal chilling base in the freezer for a couple of hours to get it nice and frosty. Once it’s ready, pour your drink of choice into the glass.

Keep in mind that the directions indicate the fill point should be slightly lower than the peak of the central dome at the bottom. According to the manufacturer, this prevents the evaporating liquor from overpowering the senses as it funnels upward to the nose as you take in its aromas.

Take out the chilling base and place the glass over the receptacle. Let the whiskey rest on it for two to three minutes to reach the ideal serving temperature. Don’t forget to use the leather coaster to keep condensation rings away from your table’s surface. Also. the metal will continuously cool the glass and its contents for up to 30 minutes.

Since we’re not using ice, the spirit should remain pure and cool until you need to pour another. So, it’s time to say goodbye to watered-down sips and you can finally get rid of those whiskey stones. All you need is the Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set and a fine whiskey to go along with it.


The Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set is a wonderful addition to your barware collection. It is available as a standalone package or as a box of two. For the solo flyer, one should be enough, but we recommend that you grab the bundle just in case guests come over. Although it’s labeled as such, Peugeot says you can use it for Armagnac, brandy, cognac, and other spirits.

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Images courtesy of Peugeot