Penxo Pencil

In this digital era hardly anyone uses the good ol’ pencil. For those of us who still prefer a standard wooden No. 2, over a modern stylus or mouse, here’s a new&exciting writing utensil: The Penxo Pencil ($29,00).

Machined from a single block of extremely durable aircraft grade aluminum, this Red Dot Award winner has no springs, buttons and mechanical parts. Instead, the Penxo uses a slightly tensioned design and old-fashioned gravity to slide the contained 2mm lead in and out. To release more lead simply push the edge of your thumb between the gap, which also allows you to see how much lead is left inside. This clever window also lets the air flow underneath the fingers, reducing sweating for a better grip. The stylish Penxo Pencil comes in three cool colors: ‘darth black’, ‘rebel silver’ and a limited edition ‘galactic gold’.

Penxo Pencil 1

Penxo Pencil 2

Penxo Pencil 4

Penxo Pencil 3

Penxo Pencil 5