It’s surprising that there are still people who believe that all whiskeys are practically the same. If there is something aficionados of the spirit learn over time is that each distillery and the blends in their lineup are nuanced in their own way. You could grab a bottle of the Midnight from Pendleton Whisky to experience it firsthand.

Keep in mind that each expression can be prepared in various ways to instill distinct tasting notes and hues to the liquid. As you can see, the combination of factors is virtually endless, which leads us to what this Canadian distillery does differently to give the Midnight “a complex taste and exceptionally smooth finish.”

Any seasoned whiskey drinker will tell you to always try it neat. This allows us to sample the attributes it developed over time. Only then should we enjoy it on the rocks or as an ingredient in our favorite cocktails. There are recipes you can look up online and master before your next drinking session.

Meanwhile, in the case of Pendleton’s offering, a fraction of their flagship spirit is aged in American brandy barrels for a period of six years. The practice ensures essences from whatever the casks held before are also infused into the most recent contents.

According to the folks behind it, the process endows the Midnight with fruity characteristics mixed with warm spices. Then there is the “glacier-fed spring water sourced from Oregon’s Mount Hood. Official tasting notes declare a nose of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and leather.

Moving on, the palate is that of caramelized bananas, nuts, coffee cake, and candied figs. Finally, you have walnuts, pecans, and spices that linger in your mouth for a “full-bodied finish.” According to the product page, “Pendleton Midnight elevates the casual get-together into an extraordinarily memorable experience.”

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Images courtesy of Pendleton Whisky