For years Pelican has been the brand of choice when you need robust protection for your items during transport. Their protective cases are the best ones out there and are marketed at a premium price for this reason. Some of you might not be aware, but the company also caters to another segment with the U160 — co-developed with studioFAR.

With a stellar reputation already established with its main product line, the American group sought to expand their catalog with backpacks. They got in touch with a San Francisco, California-based design house shortly thereafter and developed several SKUs which were met with success. The flagship latest entry, however, is billed as the brand’s “first hard case backpack line.”

It is geared toward photographers who require exceptional protection for their imaging equipment but not in a suitcase form. Thus, the Bay Area team came up with an idea to embed a half-size Pelican case within a typical soft backpack. Furthermore, the weight distribution, ergonomics, and lid position of the U160 were carefully considered.

The familiar badging should tell you that this is built with durability in mind. Aside from the military-grade hard case, studioFAR opted for a ballistic nylon construction and a generous distribution of storage compartments for photography-related accessories and more. The former is where your camera body, lens, and add-ons are ideally kept.

“It also includes a host of field photo-shoot-friendly features such as tripod carrier straps and multiple side pockets to organize smaller objects. For easy transport, the pack’s aluminum S-curve spine and vented padding offers ergonomic comfort. A nylon chest clip and removable waist belt help to balance the load,” noted Pelican regarding the U160.

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Images courtesy of Pelican