Whatever the adventure brings, it’s always best to come prepared especially when it comes to protecting your gear. Pelican’s 1595 Air Case, “designed for the professional adventurer,” is the best travel companion because it does not compromise on durability or weight. 

This mid-size case is designed for check-in and packs features that make it one of the toughest and lightest cases that Pelican has to offer. It is IP67 and MIL-SPEC certified waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof. It even has a waterproof EPDM O-ring seal and an automatic pressure equalization valve that balances interior pressure to keep water out.

Moreover, Pelican’s 1595 Air Case is amazingly light. It weighs 7.4 kg with polyurethane foam padding and 6.2kg without and with interior organizers it is at 7.3kg. The shell itself is made with super-light proprietary HPX² polymer, which is up to 40% lighter than an average polymer case. It can handle temperatures up to 160° F (71 ° C) and a minimum of -60° F (-51 ° C).

Other features include press and pull ABS latches, a retractable extension trolley handle, and a fold-down over-molded handle. It also has a business card holder and quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels for ease of transport. 

Pelican’s 1595 Air Case lets you travel with confidence and ease knowing your items are safe and secure. It even comes with TSA-approved stainless steel padlock protectors. This carrier will “lighten the load while protecting your valued possessions.” It is also spacious enough with interior measurements at 25.60″ L x 15.03″ W x 9.00″ and an interior volume offering of 2 ft³. This case boasts a rugged silhouette that will go well with just about any outdoor adventure.

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Images courtesy of Pelican