It is an upgrade you won’t immediately notice, but weight reduction often has a dramatic effect on driving dynamics, handling, and performance. Paul Stephens – a restomod specialist based in the United Kingdom – believes less is more and showcases it with the Autoart 993R. Its exterior may look like an average Porsche 993 Carrera 2, but the tweaks tell it differently.

Before any work begins, the donor vehicle tips the scales at around 3,020 lbs. Once the modifications are complete, the Autoart 993R weighs only 2,690 lbs., which is 330 pounds lighter than before. Thankfully, we have details of how this came to be courtesy of the car’s technical specifications page.

Paul Stephens removes the sunroof and installs a new roof panel. An aluminum hood and glass replacements for rear and side windows from Porsche Motorsport shave even more weight. Next are the in-house parts like the composite bumpers and a composite engine lid with courtesy lights.

They also take out the rear wiper with its mechanism and switch out the side mirrors for electric manual units. The work continues within the Autoart 993R cockpit. Components like the central locks, center console, audio system, electric windows, door grab handles, and more are all taken out.

The Autoart 993R packs a 3.8-liter flat-six engine with a 360 bhp output. It’s mated to a 993 G51.21 six-speed gearbox with a lightweight flywheel and clutch. The mill is outfitted with a Porsche OE 997 GT3 oil pump, crankshaft, and bearings.

Its five-way adjustable suspension with a bespoke ECM is developed with the help of Center Gravity and Tractive. Paul Stephens did not indicate the number of Autoart 993R units it plans to produce. Nevertheless, each example will surely cost a pretty penny though.

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Images courtesy of Paul Stephens