Camping might seem like a leisurely getaway for the majority of folk, but we know otherwise. The journey to your campsite might be full of hazards that can pose a challenge even for the best campers. That’s why we must prepare and get ready to face these head on and show Mother Nature who’s boss. Another viable and convenient option would be to take the Patriot Campers LC200 Supertourer and blow through whatever is in your way.

This menacing machine is born to handle the rough terrain of the great outdoors. Its robust marine-aluminum body sports a dashing black paint with a matte finish. Honestly, it looks like something straight out of a movie that’s willing to plow through a crowd of zombies. Armed with ROH wheels fitted with Mickey Thompson tires, you can be sure that grip won’t be a problem no matter the surface.

We weren’t kidding when we said this path-finding monster has everything. A set of TJM Torq winches are available up front and on the rear. Multiple toolbox compartments dot each flank and its built-in undertray 67-liter water tank comes with an electric pump. The rear canopy can even be customized according to your requirements. To round it off, it flaunts a top-of-the-line navigation package that includes a Hema HN7 GPS navigation system and a GME TX3550S 80-channel UHF CB radio.

Patriot Campers LC200 Supertourer

Photos courtesy of Patriot Campers