Today we live so connected to our cell phones, we can’t even go to the bathroom without them. But do we understand the potential risk these devices might carry? Some reputed scientists say that carrying a cell phone in your pants/shirt pocket can increase the risk of certain brain tumors, and most importantly, decrease male fertility! So, an Australian company decided to do something about protecting our brains and balls, and came up with the Patch’d Smartphone Radiation Reducing Chip ($30).

Invented by an ex-military and expert in missile radiation technology, Patch’d is claimed to be the “world’s first smartchip that reduces the radiation emitted from your cell phone (SAR) by up to 95%.” It’s a 0.35 mm thick sticker that attaches to the back of your device, containing a micro thin printed circuit board and special filters, which work by directing the harmful waves away from your head and body.

The chip comes backed by various tests conducted in international accredited independent laboratories to U.S.A FCC standards. It also fits snugly under your cover case, and it was proven not to affect the signal strength of your device (unlike most anti-radiation cell phone cases). Designed for the latest Samsung and iPhone smartphones, Patch’d looks like a much needed product that might just save your nuts life.

Patch'd Smartphone Radiation Reducing Chip 3

Patch'd Smartphone Radiation Reducing Chip 1