The Looker 370, Partiteboat’s latest addition to its excellent fleet of glass bottom boats, is a feature-packed ride that goes easy on your pockets.

In terms of aesthetics, the newest ride borrows the graceful elegance of its bigger sibling, the Looker 440GB. Not only that, but it also carries over the seaworthiness, comfort, passenger capacity, and the utility. The best part? You get all that for the price of a practical base model Looker 320.

As for propulsion customization, you can pick between two options. Select from either the two outboard engines or go for just one inboard diesel. In this regard, the Looker 370 is the most cost-effective glass bottom boat solution. Especially when it comes to passenger capacity and speed.

The boat is made from a special sea aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant. And since this is a glass bottom boat, you’ll find a large glass viewing bottom area for spectacular views of the sea. The glass is made from ultra-durable modified acrylic that’s apparently far more robust than fiberglass. Translation: it’s nearly impossible to break. There are bow seats round the glass for passengers, as well.

The Looker 370 is able to accommodate up to 30 passengers. Options include a storage room, a toilet room, a sink, a rain awning, and a bow anchor device. You can also get an additional 250-liter fuel tank, marine battery, navigation lights, and a number of GPS systems.

The Looker 370 glass bottom boat is now available for sale. Hit up Paritetboat’s website for more details on equipment, specs, and layout.


Photos courtesy of Paritetboat