A desert may not be the ideal location for people who want to build their homes. Still, others don’t mind the unique landscape that comes with the territory. As long as the spot is not isolated from certain conveniences, creativity can deliver awesome results. Just like how Jersey Devil designed the Parasol House.

You can find this fancy dwelling in the Araby Cove neighborhood in the desert resort city of Palm Springs, California. Originally commissioned by George Norton, the architectural firm’s team completed the project in 1998. Now, Patrick Stewart Properties is listing it for approximately $3.2 million.

Interestingly, the former homes of celebrities like Steve McQueen and Bob Hope are also within the locale. The Parasol House stands on a 3.74-acre lot with a structure that spans 2,600 square feet. Its most striking feature is the 75-foot lap pool with a waterfall in between two volumes.

This is a remarkable way to greet visitors the moment they enter the property. An aluminum trellis system interconnects both wings of the residence and covers the courtyard. Furthermore, this setup is beneficial as the evaporation of the water cools down the area.

Thus, the outline of the roof as it bulges in the middle and slopes down the sides is what gives it the nickname “Parasol House.” According to the establishment hosting its sale, the inspiration for this distinct blueprint comes from a “Yakut Indian structure which had a ramada trellis connecting buildings together which provided refuge from the heat.”

As for the layout, its southern wing holds a kitchen, main living area, an office, a den, bathrooms, and a master bedroom. Meanwhile, the northern side of the Parasol House is where you’ll find two bedroom suites, an efficiency kitchen, and a two-car garage.

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Images courtesy of Patrick Stewart Properties