The Paradise is a smart plant cultivator designed to bring out the green thumb in just about anyone. It uses artificial sunlight so you can grow your mini garden inside your home. It also teaches you to recycle organic wastes into fertilizers.

Conceptualized as a rolling cart, this modular greenhouse uses integrated technology to alert users when plants or the compost bin needs tending. It consists of an LED strip that brings out artificial sunlight to the growing plants placed in six planters below. The planter is actually a lid that covers the water reservoir that stores excess liquid during watering.

The Paradise also gives users information on plant health through a status bar found below the reservoir. Designer Robin Akira said the system uses an internal chip to keep track of plant conditions. He said it “controls temperature, intelligent constant temperature fermentation, a regular reminder to discharge fertilizer liquid, storage for secondary use.” 

Meanwhile, another modular bin serves as the compost bin. It holds soil as a mixture for domestic wastes such as kitchen scraps before users can add the fertilizing bacteria to make their own fertilizer. An odor-sealing lid keeps foul odor out from the bin. The machine’s high-tech systems do the rest in terms of keeping track of plants’ health and when the compost is ready for use.

The Paradise is even portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It has caster wheels for easy maneuverability and only needs to be plugged in for use.

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Images courtesy of Robin Akira