Give back to nature what nature deserves: cleanliness and CO2-free. This is what the PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0 promises with its eco-friendly features manufactured by sustainable means.

This is one towel you want to have around on your next outdoor adventure. It dries twice faster than those made with microfiber and guaranteed safe. It also contributes to the endless drive to clean oceans of plastic and trash and the air from carbon dioxide emissions.

The PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0 is 100% made from bamboo which is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, fast-drying, and ultra-absorbent. It has a super soft waffle weave and colored with natural plant dyes. Best of all, it is home compostable. This means you can recycle it as plant food so it does not end up in trash bins.

Moreover, it’s updated to meet the rigors of any outdoor adventure. It now comes with reinforced slits on the corner so it can double as a sunshade or cloak. It has been stitched three times for durability and strength so you don’t have to worry about it tearing apart when stretched.

The PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0 also now comes with a mesh bag reinforced with triple stitching and without a scratchy zipper on its cork fabric bag. It packs twice faster and packs down small and light, which makes it a great outdoor and travel gear. Take it with you on a hike, fishing, camping, or make it your beach blanket (for XL size). This towel even comes in four different colors and five pouch colors so you can mix and match according to preference.

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Images courtesy of PANGEA