Master knife maker Corrie Schoeman has built his reputation on well-planned and well-handcrafted designs made from only the finest materials and techniques available. A perfect example of his art can be seen in his Panerai Front Flipper.

The 3.25″ spear-point blade has been created using 1095 high-carbon steel with a differentially heat treated Harmon finish and sharpened along a 3″ cutting edge. The liner is of G10 and file-worked titanium. The flipper that opens the knife from the front has had a real ruby inset. Completing the beauty of this 8.125″ long ergonomically curved folding knife is the handle which has been formed of resin-impregnated giraffe bone complete with bronze bolsters.

The Panerai weighs in at a comfortable 5.5 oz. and, while it does not come with a pocket clip, the absence merely exemplifies the symmetry of this dynamically stylized knife.

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