Working in a similar fashion as the German-made Backyak, albeit less versatile, the Packayak ($TBA) is a 14-foot kayak that can be disassembled and turned into a 3.5 foot-long package, for easy storage and portability.

Made with an “extremely strong four-point clamping technology”, the vessel can be put togeder in under 5 minutes, while its design (the same used in scuba & aerospace industry) ensures a sturdy, watertight construction.

Although its weight of 55 pounds makes it somewhat difficult to be carried for long distances as a backpack, the Pakayak can be strapped onto a wheeled luggage and will fit nicely inside your car’s trunk, eliminating the need for roof racks. The makers (based in Connecticut) guarantee that “your Pakayak will perform and paddle just like a traditional kayak.”

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