Paka is bringing fleece back to its origin with its latest material innovation, the PAKACLOUD Fleece pullover. It’s crafted with fully traceable soft alpaca fiber fleece, making it 2x more thermally efficient in CLO value tests than standard synthetic fleece. This means, less plastic used, less clothing to wear, but more warmth and a “new level of natural cloud-soft comfort.”

This cold-weather wear boasts great warmth to weight (medium at 0.41kg) ratio. It is made from a combination 42% Traceable Alpaca (traceable back to its natural origins in the Andes Mountains of Peru), 30% recycled polyester, 14% Merino wool, and 14% recycled nylon. It uses baby alpaca fiber, known for the softness of the wool and features a handwoven Inca ID crafted by women weavers employed at 4x the living wage in Peru.

It also has a cordlock system at the hem equipped with pullers made from corn byproduct.  To avoid chafing, all PAKACLOUD fleeces are made with flatlock stitching. PAKACLOUD has also been engineered alongside nature with alpaca fiber for ideal moisture-management, thermoregulation, and odor resistance. It is also snag-free or highly durable thanks to the brushed construction of the fabric. Alpaca fiber also features hollow air pockets which makes the fabric cloud-like and breathable.   

Paka’s PAKACLOUD Fleece pullover offers a couple of zippered front pockets and a quarter zip closure for easy pull on and off. It is also not just soft on the skin but also on the environment. It offers a more sustainable option as Paka’s alpaca fiber is renewable and ethically-sourced. Likewise, the natural fibers used in the fabric blend do not pollute the waterways with microplastic when washed. 

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Images courtesy of Paka Apparel