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HP Spectre Notebook, World’s Thinnest Laptop


The Spectacular HP Spectre Notebook

Discover an experience that’s very familiar, yet completely different from everything you’ve ever tried before. The HP Spectre Notebook is unlike anything else, a representation of a perfect marriage between…


HP Spectre 13 Laptop

HP’s newest laptop, the 13-inch Spectre ($1,170) aims to give the MacBook a run for its money. Billed as the slimmest laptop ever made, at 10.4 mm thick (that’s thinner…

Vintage Electric Car Sold


Last Week’s Top Luxury News Roundup

Vintage Electric Car Sold for $95,000 While the last decade has seen a significant increase in electric vehicles production, the idea of zero-emissions cars is actually not completely novel. In…


HP Envy Curved All-in-One PC

Curved panels are nothing new. We’ve seen them on TVs, PCs and even smartphones. However, we’ve never seen a PC that offers so much horizontal screen area, as the HP…

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