When talking about the pinnacle of watchmaking, enthusiasts and collectors usually steer the conversation toward Swiss-produced timepieces. This is understandable given that they are renowned globally for their craftsmanship and quality. However, those with an open mind who are willing to explore elsewhere can find other remarkable alternatives such as the Scandinavian outfit called Nordgreen.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brand champions products that promote impressive minimalist designs and more. In fact, a quick glance at its catalogue gives the impression that these are indeed stylish and luxurious pieces. Moreover, the attractive selling price is enough to entice costumers.

Those in the market for a new wristwatch will be surprised to know that these are worth it. Not only are you buying a fashionable accessory that will perform reliably for years, but you are also helping Nordgreen with its philanthropic mission. Thus, let us help introduce you to what you might be missing out on.

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Expression Of Beauty

While most people would judge the calibre of a watch based on the number of complications, Nordgreen approaches things a little differently. As we detailed before, the company prides itself with the production of a timepiece that does not distract from its purpose. First of all, these intricate mechanical devices exist to keep track of time.

As such, under the direction of famed Danish designer Jakob Wagner, the manufacturer aims to craft something simple yet striking. With years of experience working for brands like Cappellini and Bang & Olufsen under his belt, we’re looking at a man who knows exactly how to achieve that.

According to Nordgreen, he draws inspiration from nature. Imagining how evolution would shape a modern wristwatch, Wagner focuses on presenting a clean but sophisticated aesthetic for every model that makes it to production. The goal is to give consumers something that they could wear for years and still remain trendily timeless.

Extending Sustainability Through Its watches

Denmark is currently sitting high up the charts in the list of the cleanest countries in the world. The Danish are particularly favorable on the use of renewable energy and all things that have the lowest environmental disadvantage. Nordgreen embodies these values and ensures that its operations meet all the required standards.

Equally notable are its efforts to contribute to various global NGOs in order to extend help to those who need it the most. For every watch that it sells, the company offers to support a non-profit group of the buyer’s choosing. Currently, there are three: Cool Earth, Water for Good, and Pratham UK.

Not only are you purchasing an elegant timepiece, but you also become a part of a community that cares. In our opinion, you won’t find a better deal than what they have right now.

Award-Winning Model

Let us introduce you to a stellar example of Nordgreen’s impeccable design language embodied by the Pioneer chronograph. This timepiece has earned the Red Dot Design Award for 2020 as it boasts a sleek 42-mm 316L stainless steel case in a slim profile. The metal crown sports an engraving of the company emblem flanked by two pushers on each side.

Buyers can choose from three finishes: Rose Gold, Silver, and Gun Metal. Additionally, the dial is presented in three shades: Black, Navy, and White. However, the customization options do not end there. Nordgreen allows its clients to match their Pioneer with a collection of straps such as genuine leather, nylon, Milanese, silicone rubber, alligator leather, and even vegan leather.

The minimalist approach is evident with a primary dial that hosts another two sub-dials with a date window located at the 6 o’clock position. The indices are set on its outer edges that curve up to meet the bezel and its domed sapphire crystal.

Look closely and you can spot two of the hand feature red tips. According to Nordgreen, this is to remind owners of the wind turbines that supply its country of origin with clean emission-free energy. Finally, the Pioneer runs on a Japanese Quartz movement, which is lauded for its quality and accuracy.

The Nordgreen Culture

It’s clear that Denmark has earned recognition as one of the world’s happiest countries. With a culture that encourages people to care about more than just their fellowmen, it’s clear that Nordgreen expresses a similar outlook when it comes to their watches. Each timepiece in its lineup flaunts exceptional Danish design and quality that goes with you anywhere.

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