As you are probably aware, our olfactory system or sense of smell is the one that’s closely related to nostalgia and memory recall. It doesn’t matter how far back in the past a memory is, our sense of smell can bring it back to the forefront of our minds like nothing else.

This is why people who have spent time in a hospital for surgery or a life-threatening disease will have a deep-rooted aversion to that chemically, sanitized smell you only get from hospitals. It’s also why certain sweets and candy take you right back to that time when you fell off the tree swing because that’s what you had been eating at that specific moment when the incident occurred

Working on that concept, Ozone features a special system consisting of scented cartridges that can take you down memory lane in just a few sniffs.

The real key to just how successful this gizmo is at bringing to mind those memories you need to remember more fully is the scents that have been concocted to remind you of various places, times and things.

You can load a total of 10 different cartridges and in a similar way to SAD dawn and dusk simulation lights, you can start the day with just the right scents wafting through your room. It also has the ability to sync with your preferred music device and ambient lighting for a fully immersive experience.

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