Here’s something for those who either don’t like going to the gym or simply can’t find time for it. Check out the OYO Personal Gym, an exercise apparatus that promises to give you a total body workout the need for weights.

The OYO Personal Gym uses SpiraFlex technology to replace weights you would otherwise find on the gym. That’s the same patented technology NASA astronauts use for workout purposes inside the International Space Station. After all, they can’t bring barbells in outer space, can they now?

The whole thing only weighs 2 pounds but provides up to 25 pounds of smooth resistance. It folds up small enough so you can fit it inside a bag, or even your back pocket. The manufacturer also claims that the OYO Personal Gym combines strength with movement, even without weight or momentum.

The OYO Personal Gym is one of those rare Kickstarter campaigns where the manufacturer was actually able to fulfill its promises, and the pressure was definitely on since backers raised over $700,000 just to make this portable gym a reality. OYO later went to Indiegogo to raise an additional $226,000, bringing total crowdfunding orders to $930,000 thus far.

“The overwhelming response speaks directly to consumers’ desire for a fitness product that is both efficient and portable, and that can be used anywhere amid today’s busy lives,” said OYO Fitness founder and CEO Paul Francis.

If you’re a total gym newbie, don’t worry. Each OYO Personal Gym purchase includes a free companion app that’ll guide you through the best workouts. Learn more at OYO’s website or purchase now on Amazon for $150.