Are you finally getting an e-bike this summer? What brand and model have caught your interest? For those who are new to the scene and would like a push in the right direction, we might have some ideas. If ease of storage is the feature on top of your list, consider a folding version like OX1.

Personal mobility platforms like e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, and electric microcars are gradually becoming ubiquitous. Among these, the most popular option remains the bicycle form factor given its intuitive usage. OXFO Limited presents a two-wheeler brimming with outstanding features and more.

At its core, the OX1 is a folding e-bike with the addition of a rolling function. The latter allows owners to conveniently push the unit along when it’s not in use. The hinge is strategically positioned just in front of the seat tube wherein the two wheels align when folded.

The saddle or the handlebars then become a makeshift handle to push or pull it along. Its one-line design magnesium alloy frame holds all the cables within for a clean cohesive look. Moreover, the material is durable yet lightweight which means the OX1 tips the scales at only 36 lbs.

A 250W rear hub motor and a seat post battery rated between 6.4 Ah to 7 Ah strikes a great balance between power and range. Depending on road conditions, riding style, and the help of its torque sensor, the OX1 will last up to 84 miles on a full charge. The saddle is likewise adjustable to accommodate riders of varying heights.

Surprisingly, OXFO Limited even outfits the folding e-bike with a rear suspension for overall comfort. Meanwhile, dual disc brakes provide adequate stopping power, while its LED lights keep riders visible at night. As of this writing, the OX1 is already at $7,041 of its $18,000 flexible goal on Indiegogo.

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Images courtesy of OXFO Limited