Adventure-seekers who prefer to travel emission-free on two wheels now have more options than ever before. Although an off-road bicycle is also an eco-friendly option, some prefer to travel minus the workout. The Patagonia is the latest addition to OX Motorcycle’s growing roster of electric bikes and it’s the most rugged one yet.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about mileage. We all know that what usually keeps people on the fence about battery-electric mobility platforms is the range anxiety. OX Motorcycles is marketing the Patagonia as a go-anywhere type of deal. Thus, a full charge should get you up to 62 miles.

It might seem like much, but it’s enough for recreational rides outdoors and for your city commute. Where this electric motorcycle excels, however, is on the trails. In contrast to the OX ONE, it is taller, has a longer wheelbase, an upgraded suspension system, and has a slightly more upright riding position.

This equates to better performance on rough terrain and is more comfortable overall. The Patagonia is outfitted with an 11 kW in-hub motor powered by a removable 72V, 60A battery. OX Motorcycles says it slots right into where the engine normally is on a regular motorcycle.

This keeps the center of gravity low and thereby improves stability. OX Motorcycles equips it with a 17-inch rear wheel and 19-inch front wheel, both shod in off-road tires. Leather side saddlebags each provide 14 liters of storage space.

The Patagonia even sports metal side protection bars, which also gives it a tough appearance. Meanwhile, owners have access to a glove box under the tank and a USB port for charging their devices. It is available in Parrish Green and Ocher Baret colorways.

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Images courtesy of OX Motorcycles