Named after its unique construction which allows it to be flat-packed within itself and transported more efficiently around the world, the OX Flat-Pack Truck is unlike any other vehicle. It offers reliable, cost-effective all-terrain mobility that’s especially needed in developing countries, and now, oil giant Shell is looking to bring it to India.

Built by world-renowned automotive engineer and designer, Professor Gordon Murray, the OX is a lightweight truck that can seat up to 13 people and carry 4,200 lb over rough terrain.

Fitted with a bespoke chassis and suspension, the durable vehicle has been designed to “perform as well as, or better than, a four-wheel drive vehicle, while offering low cost and durable mobility with two driven wheels.”

Even better, the ground-breaking truck can be disassembled; the parts fit within its own frame, while a separate crate can hold the engine and gearbox. This means that six OXs can be packed and transported in just one standard shipping container, and once at the destination, the trucks can be assembled by three trained professionals in just 12 hours!

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Photos by OX Global Vehicle Trust