When something revolutionary hits the tech scene, it doesn’t take long for every other brand to come up with its own take on said product. Take for example true wireless stereo earbuds. As industry pundits put it, Onkyo was the first to commercially offer one called the W800BT, but it did not take long for Apple to work their marketing magic and turn TWS earbuds mainstream. Now, it’s Oladance’s turn to introduce a pair of stylish headphones with extraordinary features that just blows the competition away. Hence, if we’ve sparked your interest, let’s get down to it and learn everything there is about the OWS Pro.

Where Can You Get The OWS Pro?

As always, we want to start our review with details on how and where to grab these bad boys. First of all, we want to thank Oladance who went out of their way to ship out a sample to our office so we can all take it for a spin and collectively share our opinions about the OWS Pro. To order, you can either do so via the official website or through Amazon. It’s available in Misty Black, Porcelain White, Luminous Titan, Vivid Green, and Pearly Haze Pink. Of course, there are enough colorways to cater to various personal preferences, but what truly matters are the bells and whistles it brings to the table.

Standout Design And Engineering

It arrives in an understated yet stylish box with a printed outer sleeve and is purportedly 100% recyclable and biodegradable. According to Oladance, it follows a green approach and uses sustainable materials wherever applicable. We believe this an excellent selling point due to how it promotes environmental awareness and the reduction of carbon emissions. The unboxing is pretty straightforward as we’re greeted by the charging case with the OWS Pro already inside, documentation, and a braided USB-A to USB-C cable (crafted out of recycled ocean plastic). What they sent over was the Porcelain White SKU and these came in a matte white charging case. Pop the lid and you’ll find the headphones sitting snugly within their cutouts ready for action. 

Most of you have probably noticed by now that we do not to these as earbuds. The typical TWS models out there feature tips which are inserted into the ear canal. Prolonged usage can eventually cause discomfort and even irritation. What the OWS Pro delivers is a non-invasive experience akin to full-sized over-ear headphones. The ergonomic form factor allows each unit to securely loop around your ears and the speakers are positioned close enough without creating a seal, hence, the so-called “open ear design” as noted by the press materials. Overall, things never got to a point wherein it felt unbearable even after long listening sessions throughout the day.

Furthermore, molded silicone is applied to sections regularly in contact with the skin, while shape-memory titanium (Nitinol) wire helps retain what Oladance refers to as a “Mobius ring” outline of the headphones. The clamshell charging case is presented in a two-tone shade matched with the colorway specified. The slots are labeled left or right and use a pogo-pin connector to interface with the contact points on the tips for charging. Four LED status lights line the front to give us a visual cue of how much battery life is left (more on this later). Meanwhile, the rear just holds a single USB-C port. The headphones measure 57 mm x 45 mm x 22.5 mm each with the charging case listed as 88 mm x 74 mm x 29 mm and both weigh approximately 13.8g and 73.6g, respectively.

Functions And Features

We have been using a variety of in-ear TWS earbuds for quite some time now, which is why the switch to the OWS Pro felt refreshing. Most of us agree that these felt unbelievably gentle on our ears and are great for those who struggle with soreness brought about by the foam or silicone ear tips lodged in their ear canals  To be honest, most of us who tested these headphones are not audiophiles, yet everyone agrees the sound quality is remarkable despite its method of acoustic delivery. It also helps with awareness of your surroundings for situational safety. Another huge surprise is the Focus mode. Once activated, the integrated algorithm filters out low to mid-range noises for a more immersive listening experience. 

So far, it works as advertised as the OWS Pros kept us engaged during our daily commute even with the hustle and bustle of everything around us. It will not match the capabilities of some high-end closed earbuds and headphones when it comes to active noise cancellation (ANC), but still outstanding, nonetheless. According to Oladance, they’ve outfitted these with a primary chip and amplifier chip, alongside their in-house second-generation bass algorithm for powerful performance with a rich sound stage. Speaking of which, don’t forget to download the companion app to tweak the EQ and toggle the rest of the cool functionalities of the system.

Instead of the usual capacitive touch controls on every other TWS earbuds, these use an elongated hybrid physical button. In music playback mode, one click for pause/play, two clicks to shift to the next track, and three clicks activate your smartphone’s voice assistant. To adjust the volume, just slide your finger across. However, in phone mode, one click is answer and two clicks drop the call. On the subject of telephony, it incorporates six microphones to ensure crystal clear communication sans background noises like wind and ambient conversations. Moisture never becomes an issue here as its construction is rated at IPX4. This means sweat and light rain shouldn’t pose a problem when outdoors to make these ideals for a variety of workouts.

As we hinted at earlier, the OWS Pro boasts insane battery life. Each unit will last up to a staggering 16 hours on a single charge. The charging case boosts that to a total of 58 hours and we can safely say nothing else in its class comes as close. For comparison, the majority of commercially available TWS earbuds can only manage anywhere between 3-8 hours. Oladance even confidently declares their patented “Energy Lock” technology endows the headphones with a jaw-dropping standby time of three years. We’ll take their word for it since there is no way for us to simulate this grueling test. Finally, multi-point Bluetooth connectivity allows us to simultaneously pair with up to two devices for seamless switching as needed.

Our Take On The OWS Pro

It’s clear Oladance just set the bar high for the competition. We’ve done our research and couldn’t find anything in the same range that could match or outclass what their hardware is capable of. Honestly, after using the OWS Pro, switching back to other TWS earbuds or full-size headphones, for that matter, might no longer be an option. It’s compact, comfortable, and fashionable. Plus, the long-lasting battery and impressive audio quality make it one of our highly recommended products this year.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the OWS Pro would make a wonderful gift to friends and loved ones who love to listen to their tunes while on the go. Oladance informed us of their upcoming Black Friday sale, which offers amazing discounts on their products. If you’re interested, here are the details provided:

Likewise, check out their official website for awesome accessories and more.

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