Have any of you been lucky enough to ride or even own a luxury vessel? If so, how would you describe the experience when the captain pushes it to the limit? Our guess would be exhilarating! Depending on the size, weight, and engine output, some superyachts can hit ridiculous speeds. In the case of the N1, it can easily hit close to 35 knots.

Taking into account its overall length of 165 feet, it needs a beastly propulsion system to get the job done. Thankfully, Overmarine’s Mangusta shipbuilding arm understands exactly what it needs. This hull is based on its 165 REV model and is the first one completed. According to reports, the REV series was publicly debuted in the second half of 2022.

The N1 was delivered to its owner in Dubai last year and it’s safe to say the superyacht exceeds expectations. According to the specifications, she is outfitted with four Roll-Royce MTU 16-cylinder turbo-diesel mills at 2,600 horsepower each. Its jaw-dropping 10,400 horsepower output is delivered via Kongsberg-Kamewa water jets.

With a 10,500-gallon fuel reserve, estimates put the range at 650 nautical miles when cruising around at 30.4 knots. The N1 was designed by Overmarine with the help of Lobanov Design – a renowned firm in Spain. The composite planing hull of this 165 REV allows it to smoothly accelerate even in choppy water conditions.

A sleek exterior already implies this high-class machine is built for high-performance maneuvers out at sea. It is said that a classic sports car served as the inspiration for the N1. Its volumes are replete with top-notch amenities such as lounging areas, a jacuzzi, a beach club with a motorized swim platform, and more.

Mangusta says the tender garage can hold a 20-foot water-jet RIB with more space for PWCs and other water toys. Accommodations for guests are located on the lower deck, while the owner’s suite spans two levels for sheer opulence. The next 165 REV delivery is slated for 2026.

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Images courtesy of Overmarine/Mangusta Yachts