When you’re naming your company Overland-E, you’re already setting high expectations from a discerning group of enthusiasts. Unlike regular gearheads, they demand outstanding performance from their rides given where it typically takes them. The Gen2 is a remarkable follow-up model that arrives in two flavors: Urban and Explorer. The latter is what we’re diving into here.

Options are always welcome, but in the case of the Gen2, the variants separate the men from the boys. Those who prefer a stylish ride with a hint of handsome ruggedness will find it on the Urban. On the other hand, off-road adventure-seekers are in good hands aboard the Explorer trim.

The two may share a similar silhouette, but there are enough notable differences between them. There’s a lot to take in from a visual standpoint since the design is a mixed bag. We mean that in a good way because Overland-E endows it with a cool retro-futuristic aesthetic. However, the technology it packs is definitely cutting edge.

According to the manufacturer, the Gen2 Explorer touts a fully electric powertrain. Despite its sporty profile, this machine is an overlanding beast with a payload capacity of over 3,300 lbs. Towing trailers and hauling cargo won’t be an issue here. The spec sheet is not yet final but expect to see jaw-dropping numbers when it comes to torque and horsepower.

Overland-E is building the EV around an advanced space frame chassis. We also heard that it will have a range of about 750 miles on a single charge. The two-seater features a practical, durable, and waterproof interior. They even claim that you can jet-wash the cabin after playing around in the mud aboard the Gen2 Explorer.

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Images courtesy of Overland-E