We don’t usually feature Overfinch here at Men’s Gear, but if it continues making impressive bespoke jobs like this SuperSport SUV, you’ll can count on seeing them more more moving forward.

Their folks have been developing custom Land Rovers and Range Rovers for nearly half a century now. What better way to mark 2020 than building 25 SuperSport SUVs, the first of which a Range Rover Sport SVR.

We should make clear that no two SuperSport rides will be the same. This one in particular has increased horsepower courtesy of an in-house design titanium exhaust and a carbon fiber intake. This model will also be supercharged with a boosted 575 horsepower. It’s also got a herringbone weave carbon fiber hood, which all of the 25 will have.

There are also forged 22-inch Leggero wheels here, apparently the lightest and widest in the Overfinch collection. 8-piston Brembo brakes, which deliver superior vehicle control, are also in tow. These come fitted with arch trims, and customers can choose between full gloss black, diamond turned, and a custom color that matches the exterior.

Inside is just as inspired, with carbon fiber touches all over. The seats feature it, which come paired with quilted leather seating surface for optimum luxury and flair. You’ll find Overfinch blade detailing, too, and headrests that show off the SuperSport branding.

As with other Overfinch jobs, you’ll find a bevy of customization options, which should let you build the ultimate SuperSport as much as money allows. Check out the photos below and hit the link for more information.


Photos courtesy of Overfinch