EastWood is the latest iteration of the remarkable UR-110 watch from Urwerk. Lovers of steampunk-inspired designs will immediately fall victims to its charms, as it beautifully incorporates intricate modern technologies into a bespoke and unexpectedly vintage case.

As the name suggests, wood played an important role in the making of the Urwerk UR-110 EastWood watch. Five units feature fair-trade South African red ivory, and five others flaunt fair-trade Indonesian macassar ebony. The woods chosen for this watch are “one of the hardest, densest timbers on the planet”, which made the manufacturing process extremely challenging, or rather “a near impossible feat”, as Urwerk co-founder Martin Frei puts it.

Unique Urwerk UR-110 EastWood Limited Edition Timepiece

As the pictures show, the watchmaker has conquered this challenge masterfully, and now the grade 5 titanium case looks absolutely stunning. “It is racy. It is incomparable. It is alluring.”

Matching the exquisite character of the case is the tweed strap. The durable fabric was often worn by the British upper class in the past, and one of the patterns that Urwerk has chosen for this watch is actually the original Prince of Whales check which used to be worn by the Duke of Windsor. While the black-and-white newspaper photos of the Duke suggested that the check was monochrome, in reality it was a beautiful brown, blue and ivory pattern.

Inside the innovative case is an award-winning in-house movement which mesmerizes with its orbiting satellite complications. Three hour satellites permanently change places to indicate time on the right side of the watch. While they show the hour, their arrows indicate towards the minutes that are displayed on a vertically-arched gradation that goes from 0 to 60 minutes. The automatic UR 9.01 caliber features 46 jewels and 39 hours of power reserve.

Luxury Urwerk UR-110 EastWood Watch Limited Edition Urwerk UR-110 EastWood Watch