Packing for a picnic, for lunchboxes, campout, or travel can be cumbersome especially when food is involved. You have to think about hygiene when it comes to eating and we’re talking about the quintessential spoon and fork (not the plastic ones of course). Sure, your fingers will work too but some food just may not be up for it. But with outdoor eating becoming a norm, the market has found ways to make it comfortable for everyone using portable sanitary utensils like those from the Outlery Cutlery Set.

The set comes with a spoon and fork, and even a knife to cut those steaks into pieces. They are made with SS304, the finest grade of stainless steel, and stored inside a compact case made from recycled tin with a silicon inner tray. The beauty of the pieces is that they are detachable.

The Outlery Cutlery Set unscrews into nine pieces so they can fit inside its small case. This means there are pieces for each utensil. This way you can easily pack and stow it away before and after use. The parts also screw together easily and only take a few seconds so you can dig right in immediately.

Forget carrying a separate bag for this set. You can simply slip it inside the front or back pocket of your jeans. The travel case only measures 3.2″ x 2.5″ and comes in recycled cardboard packaging. 

The Outlery Cutlery Set is designed for commuters, travelers, backpackers, drive-through enthusiasts, and on-the-go eaters. Basically, this outdoor tool is for just about anyone who prefers to dine in the open air than surrounded by blank walls. It even comes in an assortment of attractive colors for personal taste.

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Images courtesy of Outlery