Do you love hosting outdoor cookouts? Nothing is better than having food grilling away while hanging out with friends and family for some al fresco dining. All you need is a freestanding or built-in gas grill with a huge cooktop and quality ingredients. Another option would be to invest in a Fire Pit Table like this one from Outer.

This is a premium all-in-one outdoor appliance that provides multiple functions. Its design and materials make it a stylish addition to any courtyard, patio, and other outdoor social spaces in any home. Outer ships this classy item with everything you need to enjoy its full range of features.

There’s the Fire Pit Table, a propane gas hose, several ceramic balls, reversible cast iron griddles with stands, a splatter guard, and a cover for when it’s not in use. The table is built out of concrete cement with glass fiber reinforcements. It is chemically inert so you can be sure there are no harmful fumes when the flames are on.

It measures 51.7″ x 33.7″ x 14″ and weighs around 165 lbs. The hose is about 9.8 feet long which should be enough to reach your outdoor gas line. Nevertheless, having a propane tank handy is fine as well. The Fire Pit Table will keep everyone warm while you chat, drink, and eat.

Want to show off your culinary skills? Fire it up, place the cast iron griddles and cook up a feast they won’t soon forget. Get others to join in so everybody gets to enjoy the food they worked for. The ceramic spheres that come with the Fire Pit Table are not only for show. These keep the flames in check and block the wind so they don’t go out.

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Images courtesy of Outer