I think we have all been torn from the beautiful weather in our gardens and backyards to have to go inside to watch the big game. Or maybe you just want to combine indoor entertainment with some fresh air and outdoor relaxation. Or maybe you want some alone time without having to lock yourself in your man cave on a warm day. Well the indoor-outdoor conundrum can be a decision of the past with an outdoor TV cabinet. Imagine the BBQs and social events you can host with the addition of the big game, all from the comfort of a deck chair and the sun’s evening rays while sipping a cold one.

The outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet makes all this possible. The cabinet itself is made from robust cumaru wood which is perfect for withstanding the outdoor element, including the wind and harsh sun. The cabinet has a “top shelf” feature which can also prevent any unwanted glare from obstructing your view of the game. On top of all of this, the cabinet has eye-appeal. The wood and design are a great addition to any garden and will make nosey Norris next door more than jealous.