Do you like to head out on the open road and enjoy trips to the beach, camping in dense and remote woodlands and forests? If so, you will undoubtedly find this cooler intriguing.

The Otterbox Venture Hard Cooler is something of a best in class when compared to other coolers available on the market. This is the cooler to end all coolers. It is sturdier and more robust, for one thing. Its external and internal shells are made from the incredibly resilient and tough polypropylene and it has ABS/poly-carbonate latches and a tight silicone seal that ensures your food and drink will be kept fresh.

If you have ever bought an inexpensive cooler, you will know that they don’t always provide adequate drainage, whereas the Otterbox Venture 45 has a bottom that is slanted ever-so-slightly on the inside to make it easy to drain off any excess fluid.

Otterbox have designed this box to last a lifetime, but sometimes things can fail and the company know this, which is why they have applied a Limited Lifetime Warranty against it. This gives you the confidence in this kind of purchase that you need.

It is a lot more expensive than many other coolers out there, but the Venture 45 Hard Cooler is considered one of the best for a reason. Find out fully why.