“What you put in your bag is your business.” The makers of the Osuza Canvass Backpack take their product tagline literally with the design of this functional carry-on that is not only expandable, accessible, and weather-proof, but also customizable.

Certainly, this is an “entirely new type of bag” because it can house anything and everything. Whether you’re a painter, a carpenter, an electrician, or someone looking for a handy bag to carry your tactical gears with. Then, the Osuza Canvass Backpack is for you.

Inspired from a military carry-on system, this backpack allows for customization using pouches and patches for additional storage. It is expandable up to 40 litres and comes with durable and waterproof closures. Thus, you never have to worry about water or moisture seeping in.

Don’t let its appearance dissuade you though. What it lacks in exterior appeal it makes up for its interior offerings. Built from military-grade material, the Osuza Canvass Backpack features several multi-purpose molle and elastic molle, mesh and zippered pockets and more compartments.

Hence, you can be sure that there is space for everything you put in your bag to keep them neat and secure: from paintbrushes, pens, hammer, nails, laptop, and the list goes on. From small to big tools and gadgets, you can be sure this backpack can carry them all.

The Osuza Canvass Backpack also offers ease in accessibility with its unclip and unfold feature. Forget digging inside your bag to get what you’re looking for. This handy carry-on spreads out to display all the items inside for easy access.

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Images courtesy of Osuza