Making brewed coffee has come a long way since the percolator. Coffee has also seen a leap in its versatility thanks to modern machines and revamped recipes, including the cold brew. When it comes to this delectable java, nothing beats having them on the go and ice cold. But you need a specific tool to achieve this just like the Osma Pro.

Proudly made in Oregon, this coffee machine dedicates its time to perfect cold brew. Aesthetics-wise, it looks sturdy and minimalist with its solid block of 316 stainless steel frame fitted with aluminum enclosure panels and adorned with brass dip tray rods and a walnut or steel base.

Its design is modern, artistic, and devoid of all the confusing buttons that accompany most industrial-grade machines. But this serves a good purpose. You only need to operate less to get more out of your ground coffee. The user only adds ice and water to the intake straw and puts the coffee grounds. The Osma Pro does the rest.

This awesome kitchen gadget uses a complex system of harmonics and constant water recirculation to produce either a 12oz cold brew or a 3oz espresso shot. It draws out the water from the cup through the coffee in the portafilter and sends it to the machine to extract even the slightest of aromas and flavors. Plus, the process is fast at just 90 seconds you get a cold brew that is full of flavor.

The Osma Pro is a limited edition release and is available for pre-order with 1000 units ready for shipping.

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Image courtesy of Osmo