The Oru Kayak Haven takes after the success of the original origami-inspired boats that made waves in 2012. It packs the same features customers loved from its predecessor but is now expandable for two.

The Haven is a result of continuous requests from customers who wanted a two-sitter kayak. After all, “it’s more fun to adventure together and more fun to paddle together.” This tandem kayak only weighs 40 pounds, half the weight of a typical tandem kayak. However, it has a load capacity of up to 500 pounds.

It offers the same solid performance as the original folding kayak that can be stored in a box. It takes ten minutes to assemble using the color-coded hooks so you know right away which strap goes to where. The floorboards also have printed icons and instructions to facilitate a quick and easy installation.

This kayak stretches to 16 feet in length and 31 inches in width when unfolded. It measures 33” x 15” x 30” when boxed. It boasts an open and spacious cockpit fit for two.

However, the Oru Kayak Haven easily converts into a single-sitter with a few switches on the buckles and a bump of the seat forward. It also comes with an integrated rail system to store accessories for photography, fishing, picnic, or whatever else you want to pack along with you for the ride.

As for its durability, the manufacturer made no compromises. The Oru Kayak Haven is still scootable, draggable, and bump-proof like its predecessor because it’s made of durable custom extruded polymer– its level of protection is akin to fiberglass.

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Photos Courtesy of Oru Kayak