American whiskey has been on a roll as of late and even many discerning experts in the industry have even recognized understated releases from smaller distilleries. In fact, stacked up against the most prominent labels, their blends have earned praise and awards in competitions. After your fair share of rye and bourbon spirits, we want to redirect your interest toward a scotch called the Castle’s Curse.

Although it sounds ominous, you’re probably used to these types of marketing gimmicks. We also find whiskies that do not conform to the usual naming conventions you typically get from the more esteemed distilleries tend to be more delightful in all aspects. As such, this is one of the many offerings distributed by Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co.

Of course, to earn its distinction as a single malt Scotch whiskey, the tale begins in the Highlands of Scotland. The area in particular overlooks the Cromary Firth and is reputedly rich in marine biodiversity. Therefore, the location where the Castle’s Curse originates is also designated as a wildlife conservation territory.

The whiskey carries a 14-year-old age statement and was matured in European oak casks. If you’re wondering what the supernatural connection is as alluded to by the name, the artwork on every bottle of Castle’s Curse has the answer. Local folklore speaks of a shape-shifting spirit that usually takes the form of a horse — the kelpie!

These creatures inhabit various bodies of water and drown those unlucky enough to ride on their backs. Tale tales aside, the whiskey opens with aromas of dried herbs, sweet confectionaries, tangerines, and poached pears. The Castle’s Curse then unveils hints of mint, vanilla, and red apple with each sip and imparts a lingering yet soft finish of spice and oak.

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Images courtesy of Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co.