Studies are showing that plastic waste is the biggest contributor to environmental problems globally. In fact, experts are encouraging everyone to reduce or eliminate our usage entirely to help nature recover. All hope is not lost because modern recycling methods offer innovative approaches to reuse the recovered material. Thankfully, major manufacturers are also pitching in with new ways to integrate this into their products. The Oris Ocean Trilogy is one of these items that feature a display case crafted out of PET plastic.

The watchmaker is raising awareness about how this non-biodegradable waste is besieging our waters. This set contains three stunning timepieces including the limited edition Blue Whale model. Oris is not offering the latter except as a part of this three-piece package. Meanwhile, it looks like all three watches will be using the Aquis model as the starting point. This includes the Great Barrier Reef III, Clean Ocean, and the aforementioned homage to the planet’s biggest mammal.

Each of the three diver’s watches boasts a stainless steel construction with a unique case back design. The Great Barrier Reef III sports a coral emblem, while the Blue Whale touts an engraving of its namesake. On the other hand, the Clean Ocean is the only one to come with unique PET plastic medallion. These special edition Aquis models all come with a gradient blue dial and aqua blue ceramic inserts in the bezel. These colors represent the various shades of blue of our oceans. The Oris Ocean Trilogy collection is an exclusive release with only 200 units available.

Help save our oceans with Oris

Images courtesy of Oris