Take the guesswork out of grilling meat or vegetables with Brisk It’s smart Origin 580 A.I. powered grill. It uses AI to automate the process, from pre-cook prep to the grilling itself using Vera A.I. 

Ask anything, say anything, and cook anything, and Vera A.I will prepare customized recipes. This can be from a simple rib eye steak or a feast with specific instructions for a certain number of people. It monitors, controls, and automates the cooking with a single press of a button: from pre-cook preparations, changing temperatures, proactive notifications, probe alerts, and it even even adapts to unexpected surprises.

Origin 580 A.I. Powered Grill even detects if you forgot to wrap, spritz water, or remove food from the grill after cooking. Among its great features include a smart grill control, which lets you control the grill anytime and anywhere using its pellet grill. This smartphone connectivity lets you receive real-time alerts and manage all controls on your phone. 

Likewise, Brisk It’s industrial grade, high resolution control unit uses adaptive PID algorithms to ensure temperature stability at any combination of cooking temperature and weather. The algorithm manages the temperature and fire to guarantee optimal smoke output and even adapts to external factors such as the weather. This way, you can use the grill all-year round with ease.

All the while, the Origin 580 A.I. produces 100% wood-fired flavor food thanks to its 8-in-1 wood pellet smoker. You can smoke, grill, barbecue, bake, roast, sear, braise, and char-grill on a single wood fired grill. It even allows for slow cooking at 165°F or sear at 500°F. A built-in ash-cleanout and grease tray help with post-cooking cleanup.

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Images courtesy of Brisk It Store