The Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo lets you take your laptop or notes wherever and whenever. It provides seamless organization and transforms any space into a work area.

There are two products under this new project: the Hybrid Laptop Sleeve and the Compendium. The dual-function sleeve doubles as a portable desk mat and slim cover for your laptop. It comes in a trifold design with a laptop pocket that doubles as a mouse pad area for left and right-handed users.

Meanwhile, the magnetic, zip-free closure ensures quick setup and pack-up for a seamless transition between workplaces. It also allows for charging port access even when the sleeve is closed. This feature is handy for digital nomads who are always on the move. The Hybrid Laptop Sleeve under the OrbitKey Hybrid Work Duo is available in two sizes: one to fit a 14” laptop and another to a 16” laptop and is made from premium vegan leather and recycled fabric.

The Compendium, on the other hand, is a simple yet elegant notebook cover. Its thoughtful design ensures quick, zip-free access to your notes and pen. It features a custom elastic cord closure for quick access to your notebook and a built-in bookmark.

Moreover, it has a pen holder on one side, a hidden yet accessible card storage, and a separate pocket for a tablet or other documents. Made from premium LWG-certified leather and recycled fabric liner, the Compendium under the Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo is designed to offer a flat writing surface. It is compatible with notebooks and notepads in varying sizes and thicknesses (available in A4 and A5 sizes).

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Images courtesy of Orbitkey