Now accepting preorders, the Ooni Koda gas-powered pizza oven takes a full fifteen minutes to heat up. No biggie. Just browse Reddit. Or do a couple of light chores, like maybe fill your dog’s bowl with a fresh new scoop or respond to that email.

When fully heated, chuck in fresh rounds and get them piping hot in just a minute, tops. Homemade pizza has never been easier and hassle-free. The oven itself looks pretty slick, too, much unlike most other options out there that are one more asymmetry saway from total eyesore.

This one looks chic, but not overtly so. A fine blend of modern touches and classic pizza-making hardware, if anything. Take it from the kitchen to the garage, then to your backyard, and back again. It’s super portable, super easy to carry, and requires no assembly.

Again, Ooni is currently accepting preorders, so add it to your cart if you want fresh-from-the-oven goodness in less than the time it takes to boil eggs. Orders begin shipping at the end of this month, too, so you don’t have to wait too long before it arrives on your doorstep. The package includes the Ooni Koda oven, a stone baking board, a propane tank gas regulator, and a hose.

If you want to get super technical, these are its dimensions: 15.7″ x 11.6″ x 24.8″, topped with a 13.25″ cooking surface. The thing is made from grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with a power-coated finish. Should be pretty sturdy. Just make sure to clean it regularly.