The ongoing attempts to scale up emission-free technologies for large watercraft such as cruise ships and luxury yachts have always encountered limitations. Most of it comes from the sheer weight and size of the vessels which greatly affects the efficiency of existing systems. Nonetheless, MASK architects intends to overcome this challenge with the ONYX H2-BO 85.

Circumventing the challenge is the goal of every shipbuilder given the devastating effects of climate change. The automotive industry has already begun to shift away from fossil fuels, and many have outlined roadmaps for sustainable motoring by 2030. Not to be outdone, the ONYX H2-BO 85 hopes to make a substantial stride in greener propulsion systems.

We’ve already seen other concepts with plans to use wind like in the old days. In fact, some have detailed methods to incorporate photovoltaic panels into the masts and sails. This allows their superyachts to harvest clean energy to power their hotel load and cruise silently on high-capacity battery banks. MASK architects, on the other hand, will count on something else.

Retractable hydroelectric turbines and electrolysis should keep things environmentally friendly as well as retain the rakish silhouette of the 279-foot monohull. Do keep in mind that this concept is still outfitted with a traditional engine for long-distance travel. The ONYX H2-BO 85 produces hydrogen it makes from seawater and converts kinetic energy from the churning waves into electricity.

Although it may seem like the primary focus here is the propulsion and power generation component of the superyacht, it’s not lacking in lavish amenities. Owners of the ONYX H2-BO 85 can proudly enjoy everything it has to offer with negligible to zero impact on marine ecosystems. Renders show an elegant interior adorned with earthy hues and wooden elements.

A large space on the foredeck can be customized with almost anything the client has in mind. Meanwhile, as with most superyachts, there is an infinity pool at the aft beach club and a swim platform. There appears to be no shortage of places to socialize and relax, while the ONYX H2-BO 85 cruises along silently.

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Images courtesy of MASK architects