If you want robust boots that can handle any weather, get On’s new Cloudrock Waterproof boots. To be clear, they’re not technically boots, but shoes masquerading as mid-length boots. And they’re pretty great. On unveiled its first pair of kicks only ten years ago, and they’re still going pretty strong.

But with the Clodrock Waterproof, On dives foot-first into an entirely new category of footwear. The Cloudrock Waterproof doesn’t seem like your everyday speed hiking boots in that they look far more sophisticated than most options on the market. Not only that, but the Cloudrock Waterproof remains true to the brand’s fast-paced roots by making the pair very lightweight. In total, it weighs in at just 15.7 ounces, which is insane considering how other pairs weigh.

Even more impressive than the weight itself is the included ruggedized Missiongrip rubber lug outsole. There’s also a FlexLock lacing system. You can tighten the boots with just one hand, which could come in handy in certain situations outside. Imagine your other hand is occupied and you need to lace these boots up for safety. You can do so with the Cloudrock Waterproof, no sweat.

The boots also come with a protective 360-degree mud guard and zero-gravity CloudTec cushioning for comfortable footfalls. Which is all to say the Cloudrock Waterproof shoes are the perfect choice if you like hiking and don’t want a pair that’s easily ruined by puddles. You can choose from three different colorways, and each pair costs $300. A hefty but worthy purchase.