Motor yachts generally follow a standard outline. However, over the years, shipbuilders have been pushing for more avant-garde designs. Some border on the ridiculous, while others are technically possible. This Ono concept megayacht from Aras Kazar follows the latter as it presents a sleek yet otherworldly form. Those not knowing what they’re looking at will be likely betting on aliens here.

For the rest of us with an idea regarding this unique vessel, it’s a geometric masterpiece. The Ono is shaped somewhat like a wedge with a hull that cuts through water like a sharp blade. The overall length measures 492 feet. Details regarding the beam width were unavailable, but it looks spacious enough for various amenities.

It’s more than enough for whatever a client wishes to customize on their ship. Still, here is what the standard layout shows us. From the tapered edge of the bow, we can see a line that bisects the sides horizontally. What appears to be an array of LEDs illuminate at night to cast a mesmerizing glow.

Aras Kazar, shares that its construction uses aluminum, fiberglass, and tempered glass. The roof is lined with solar panels to harvest clean energy from the sun. The foredeck of the Ono features a helipad for guests and owners who prefer to arrive and leave by chopper.

For the rest who are afraid of flying, a fold-out garage amidship can hold and deploy a tender as well as water toys. On the opposite side, the terrace features seats and a huge screen for a cinema experience. The Ono’s sizeable aft section hosts an infinity pool and a swim platform. Accommodations include three master suites and five staterooms.

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Images courtesy of Aras Kazar