ONESEC Eyewear lives up to its name as it easily transforms from shades to specs in just one second. It uses electrochromic lenses that provide instant tint under the sun to deliver comfortable and optimal vision at all times. 

These sunglasses are designed with the latest in adaptive lens technology to seamlessly adjust to changing light conditions. ONESEC’s innovative one-second shade shift and liquid crystal display technology allows the quick transition from bright sunlight to shaded or indoor situations or vice versa. 

At the heart of this innovative technology is ONESEC Eyewear’s electrochromic lenses which feature state-of-the art liquid crystal display technology. It allows the automatic tint on the lenses to adjust to changing light conditions. This offers 99% UVA/UVB and UVC protection and reduces eye strain when under the sun since you don’t have to squint.

The automatic shift also means users do not have to bring a separate eyewear or fumble in their bag for their sunglasses when out and about under the sun. They can move comfortably and see clearly with these shades on. 

The sunglasses work with a built-in sensor that runs on a rechargeable battery with 30,000 hours of battery life to eliminate the need for constant recharge. The battery is also operational in cold conditions even at 20°C. It was also designed with the outdoors in mind as it is IP-57 rated dust and water resistant.  It also uses tempered glass lenses that are EN-ISO-12312-certified impact resistant.

Aside from functionality, ONESEC Eyewear also boast style. It comes in several frame styles and colors to cater to various lifestyles so you can “look cool without breaking a sweat.”

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Images courtesy of ONESEC