Carl Pei co-founded OnePlus in 2013 which took the smartphone industry by storm with its top-notch specs and competitive price point. Fast-forward to 2023, the brand is no longer in the same position as it was before. Nevertheless, it still maintains a loyal following from longtime users. Following its latest entry – the OnePlus 11, we now have the OnePlus Buds Pro 2.

It’s clear that many Android OEMs are still playing catchup to Apple’s ongoing dominance in the true wireless earbuds segment. Although many smartphones running Google’s open-source operating system are seen as more innovative and feature-packed in contrast to the iPhone, we have yet to see something rival the appeal of the AirPods lineup.

OnePlus’ reputation as a flagship killer back in the day seems to have waned over the years. However, it’s not out of the game yet. As with any follow-up iteration of their hardware, the Buds Pro 2 ships with a slew of enhancements. Much like every other TWS earbuds in the market, these are ideal for making/taking calls, music playback, and other forms of mobile entertainment.

The company also calls on the expertise of Dynaudio to curate the acoustic quality of their Buds Pro 2. Outfitted with MelodyBoost dual drivers and BassWave Enhancement algorithm, users can enjoy immersive audio that would please even the most discerning ears. Moreover, the upgraded LHDC 4.0 codec enables top-notch clarity and tone.

Activate the OnePlus Audio ID 2.0 to generate a bespoke audio profile tuned to your ears. Spatial Audio with Head Tracking and Dolby Atmos is likewise available courtesy of Dolby and Google — compatible with the OnePlus 11. The Buds Pro 2 lets you listen without distractions via the Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation. Switch to Transparency mode for situational awareness in public.

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Images courtesy of OnePlus