Imagine getting rid of all the remote controls that cover your coffee table. Now imagine that you can operate your home devices just by waving your hand! Say hello to Onecue($129.00), the touch-free universal remote control.

Onecue is a gadget that uses recognition technology, to let you control your home devices without a single cable. It supports Infrared guided equipment such as TVs, cable and satellite boxes, DVD, Blu-ray and other media players, AV receivers and Xbox. It also works with WI-Fi controlled devices such as Nest thermostat and Phillips Hue light bulbs, with more products and smart home devices being added over time. More features include Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a 3.0″ LCD display, an internal speaker, a micro-USB port, high performance CPU, and an adjustable TV/shelf mount.

Programmed with a pre-defined gesture language that is intuitive and easy to use, the Onecue allows you to can change channels, switch between devices, adjust the temperature and lightning in the room or turn on the radio, the possibilities are endless! Available in five colors to accommodate your devices and styling: dark gray, silver, white, blue and red; the Onecue can be pre-ordered now at pre-launch price, with shipping beginning early 2015.



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